Are we able to do in store purchases or must purchases be done online?

Our Swank'dTresses and Swank'dOrganics will be shipped to you as our company is online based ONLY. You will be notified in advance if it changes. However, if you are booked for an appointment with our stylist, Seantae Marie, you will then be able to receive your products upon arrival and your shipping fee will be reimburse to you the day of your appointment.


How many bundles do I need for a full head sewin or even a sewin with a lace unit?

You will need 3 bundles for a traditional sewin (minimum leave out) or for a full head sewin. If you are doing a frontal or lace closure install, you'll need the lace unit and 2 bundles (for natural thickness) or 3 - 4 bundles depending on the lengths (12"-28").


How long will your Swank'dTresses last?

We have our Swank'dTresses (Brazilian, Peruvian, Etc.) virgin hair that'll last you between 6 months - 1 year depending on how well you up keep your extensions. Then we have our Swank'dTresses Indian virgin hair that'll last you up to 2-3 years with proper maintenance as well.


What products may I use to keep my extensions in good condition?

You may take a look at our Hair Care page under F.A.Qs on how to go about maintaining your extensions. In regards to products, the following products that are listed are products our stylist, Seantae Marie, has personally used on her tresses and she recommends them to you all:

  • Silicone Mix Hair Treatment The Detangler by Paul Mitchell
  • Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner by Design Essential
  • Sleek Moisturizing Shampoo by Suave Professionals
  • Any Deep Condition Product that you can keep your hair in over night to bring it back to life.


What should I do with my hair when going to bed at night?

You'll need to purchase a silk/satin scarf to tie your hair down. Prior to wrapping your hair up for protection, you'll need to gently comb out all knots from your tresses in order to do an up-do bun or big twists/braids. Once you apply any flexi rods or protective styling to your extensions, you may tuck away your hair under your silk scarf and enjoy your night's rest.


What kind of styling tools go hand in hand with my extensions?

When brushing or combing your hair, use wide teeth combs to prevent any shedding or damage to your hair strands. In regards to styling tools that applies heat, use low-medium temperature to prevent any heat damage.


What does the word "virgin" mean when referring to Swank'dTresses?

Your hair is "virgin" meaning your extensions are unprocessed, allowing you to care for your tresses as if they no different from your natural hair such as adding heat or even color.


Will I experience any shedding with Swank'dTresses?

Like your own hair, you will definitely experience some shedding but minimal (2-3 hair strands). To prevent such a thing, you may seal your wefts with adhesive, sew around your tracks (not through the wefts), detangle on a regular basis and try not to cut your tracks unless needed (use the fold over method).